Bomber and Vinyl



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Bomber Jacket – Disturbia | Vest Top – Killstar | Bra – Topshop (similar)| Vinyl Trousers – Lip Service Cult (similar) | Shoes – Topshop | Earrings – Killstar | Faux Septum – Primark (similar)

Makeup: Eyes – Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette | Lips – Jeffree Star, Celebrity Skin | Skin, Eyebrows and Cheeks – Illamasqua |

A week ago, I went on a dinner date with my bf. We went to Las Iguanas, a relatively new restaurant here in York. It was really fab. Being a vegetarian, I’m used to picking from about three options (all with goats cheese, obviously), but there was a whole menu to choose from and I love mexican cuisine so it took me ages. Food, drinks and service were all excellent. Highly recommend.

This is what I wore. I spent an hour deciding what to wear, created a…

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